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Why Avenger Security Group?

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to spending your security budget- it only makes sense to spend that money as wisely as possible! Here’s how we help you ensure you’re getting the most “bang for your buck”:

  • Video reporting- Our officers are equipped the latest mobile recording devices- and we’re constantly looking to improve our technology. This allows us to guarantee proper accountability of our patrol officers, ensure you get the best information as well as allow us to improve training and officer safety by being able to actually see what that officer’s doing in the field. On body recording is an improvement over “dash cam” systems in that the information comes from the officer rather than being dependent on in car systems that tether the officer to the car (most audio systems depend on a mic that only transmits 15-20 yards or less)- our guard can get further from the vehicle!
  • GPS tracking- The same mobile technology allows us to track our officers in real time. This improves accountability- you’re guaranteed to get what you’re expecting. It also allows us to ensure the safety of our team by allowing us to track that officer in the field. Your report will include an actual GPS map with that officer’s path through your property and when they were there.
  • GPS/Photo reports- One of the hardest things to do is convey maintenance report/lease violation information accurately and in a manner that allows you to take action. It’s often difficult to convey issues observed at night in a way that makes sense to someone seeing it during the day. Our officers are provided special training on photographing and recording problems to better convey good information to your staff. Additionally, each report has a GPS tag attached to direct your maintenance staff to the location of the defect.
  • Training and education- Our staff includes trainers in a wide variety of safety and personal protection subjects. We have experience in helping your residents improve their personal safety and offer those services as part of monthly safety meetings. We really believe that receiving feedback from our clients is an important part of making you safer.
  • Mindset- We are your neighbors and we’re very serious about your safety. Our mission is not a blind search for money but rather from a desire to legitimately make our community a safer place to live. We’d rather provide a quality service at a reasonable price than get rich providing a subpar service.

If you’d like to hear more about how Avenger Security Group’s approach to security can give you “Peace of mind” at the best price- give us a call today!

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