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A new way of doing business

We are your neighbors-ultimately, making you safer makes us and our families safer. So, we're changing how securities operate to make all of us safer:

1) Fewer clients- Today, most security companies that operate a patrol service have 7-10 properties per route. This allows them to generate the maximum profit per hour of time. Unfortunately, it also limits the amount of time per client. The average patrol "hit" is only 5-10 minutes- 3-4 times a night. Many companies provide little more than a "drive-by service"...We will increase that so each property gets a minimum of an hour- 15 minutes per "hit" will be average.

2) Less money- If we're concerned about the safety of the public, our service should be accessible to as many clients as possible. To that end, we will do everything possible to price our patrol services as reasonably as possible. Ultimately, our primary motivation is not profit- financial success depends on making our clients safer.

3)More visibility- As mentioned above, increasing the amount of time on site will invariably increase the visibility of our officers. In addition, we'd be more than willing to participate in any "neighborhood watch" type meetings, provide free safety education... the possibilities are endless. Our associates have given classes in everything from avoiding online scams to self-defense for women and children.

4) More services- In addition to providing education, our team can provide you with personal protective services in dealing with difficult tenant conferences, serving evictions and dealing with potential hostile employees. We believe that our responsibility for your safety doesn't end when the patrol officer submits their report. We will make ourselves available whenever you need us.

Taken all together, much more for less. These aren't just marketing "buzzwords" for us at Avenger, they're a way of life. I've staked everything, personally and professionally, on these principles because I passionately believe they're how protection should be done. If you've grown tired of the "old way" of Private Security "Courtesy Patrols" and want more than mere theater, give Avenger Security Group a call.

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