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Why should you choose Avenger over off duty police?

Why should you choose Avenger over off duty police?

There are several reasons but they boil down to three major issues- safety, service, accountability and liability.

  • Safety- First, a “Courtesy Officer” is creating a situation for him/herself that is unsafe. They’re accepting payment for basically advertising where they live- putting themselves at risk. This is inevitably going to make them reluctant to take action when you need it. Additionally, a courtesy officer working on your property is unlikely to be doing so with the same equipment he or she uses during their “day job” (i.e. uniform, vest, duty gear, etc.). That’s unsafe for you, your officer and your residents! All Avenger’s patrol officers are fully trained and equipped- we strongly encourage protective vests and as much training as possible to make sure our officers (and by extension our clients) are always safe.
  • Service- A police officer IS NOT a security officer. There is a difference in training and the approach each takes to a given situation. Our officers are trained to approach situations with tact and courtesy.
  • Accountability- An off duty officer is going to lack the accountability tools required by his agency while on duty (tracking, cameras, reports, etc). Our officers will be continuously GPS tracked using mobile technology- ensuring you get the service you’re paying for. Additionally, our officers will be provided “body cameras” for accountability and reporting purposes, allowing both our staff and yours to view any complaints and ensure compliance with site orders. Finally, all our vehicles are equipped with camera systems to ensure our officers are properly patrolling your property and not just doing “drive by” patrols.
  • Liability- An off duty police officer is not covered by ANY insurance! It isn’t likely your property’s liability policy covers armed security- that’s a special type of coverage. They are only covered by their agency’s policy as long as they’re following agency policy (i.e. only enforcing the law, though some agencies also discourage action outside their jurisdiction). In short, an off duty police officer on your property, enforcing curfews and property rules, is a huge potential liability!

The final argument against the off duty police officer is simple- they are bound by their policies not to do anything for you! APD's policy 949 (Secondary Employment):

All in all, not the best way to spend your limited security budget. Avenger Security Group is properly licensed, insured and equipped to provide security solutions to your residential property. Call us today to discuss how we can help make you safer!

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