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Avenger Security Group

Your safety is our ONLY priority

Security should make people safer...

Security should make people safer.

Yes, that statement seems so obvious as to be condescending- but in our industry it really isn't. Many of our competitors don't believe this statement... They believe we should make people "feel" safer. They believe we should be providing ourselves with profits while providing our clients with little more than the "illusion" of safety through the use of technology, buzzwords and slick marketing. In short, most security companies specialize in theater.

They hire anyone who shows up and has the requisite background qualifications (i.e. breathing and not a felon) and put a uniform on them and put them on your property. It isn't hard to expect that an untrained, low paid guard with little supervision and even less leadership might not be highly motivated to care about your clients or your property.

That isn't me and it isn't how I think this business should work. I feel that if I haven't made my client a little safer, I've stolen their money and wasted my time. Certainly, a good security team provides the client with an eye on their property that they probably couldn't get any other way. An apartment complex looks a lot different at 2 am than it does at 2 pm.

But, a good guard does more than look at lights and trash. They look at what those things mean. They look for, and find, criminal activity on your site. They find the drug dealer selling drugs to your residents' children. They interact with the child molester and know about him before he abducts or assaults one of your tenants. They recognize the gang member living in your complex and report the growing gang activity on your property. They find the homeless drug addict sleeping behind your maintenance shed, before he breaks into your residents' cars looking to pay for his next fix.

In short, he recognizes the signs of crime before it happens.

Certainly, the police are available to respond to crimes. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough to guarantee they'll prevent crime. They're reactive, they respond AFTER a crime has occurred. Private security is best when it's proactive- we generally find crime and property rule violations either while they occur or before they occur.

Sounds like a tall order, doesn't it? Find someone who cares about your property as much as you do, with the training and skills to protect you, your property and your clients. At Avenger, we really do care about your safety. It is the very number one priority. Before profit, we have to provide the client with the service they need- protection. To do that we have to change the rules...

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